Beercooler -DRY XS, 1

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Beercooler -DRY XS, 1
# 711A191-comp

Part #: 711A191-comp
Air cooled with a compensator C-tap, driptray, tubing, regulator and spanner included.


Cooler typeOvercounter
Condenser typeAir cooled
Product coils1
CompressorSecop HXD55MA (5,5cm3)
Refrigerant filling quantity30g
Required min. room space for cooler (m³)3,75
Ice bank sizeDry block
Supply voltage230/50Hz
Thermostat typeElectronical thermostat Eliwell
Cooling power169W (At 24°C surrounding temperature, evaporating temperature -10°C, condensing temperature 55°C)
Cooling capacity 1st hour16L/h at inlet temp 14°C and outlet temp 4°C, 8L/h at inlet temp 24°C and outlet temp 4°C
Dimensions Cooler (WxDxHmm)177x449x382mm
Power Cable3m, Schuko plug
Special featureComplete with a C-tap, Driptray, Regulator, Spanner and Tubing
Replacement Parts
ItemPart #DescriptionUnitAvail. 
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